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20110210 – OneCraftyDude plasma heating presentation

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Featured Presenter Well known YouTube experimenter, OneCraftyDude demonstrates his plasma heating apparatus and discusses his project. Scarecrow’s Rant USA Wealth Distribution 1 person gets .10 4 people get .32 each 5 people get .30 each 10 people…
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11 Responses to “20110210 – OneCraftyDude plasma heating presentation”
  1. SmartScarecrow says:

    @epsombristol – many years ago, a comedian named Pat Paulson made a comic bit out of his “run for the presidency … so many considered him the best prospect that he had to make a big deal before each show that it was a joke … considering the choice of poo-poo or doo-doo we are typically offered here in the US, running myself as a member of the kaa-kaa party or changing my name to “None of the above” could I suppose be a winner …

  2. epsombristol says:

    Hi I recently stumbled across your show and am enjoying very much also love your political attitude. Have you ever thought of standing for president of the US or the EU?

  3. 1BustedMyth says:

    @SmartScarecrow, Cheers, its just that I spend so much time following up each development and there are so many, its hard to keep up, anything that speeds this process up and Clutter Busts the mass of data is greatly appreciated, all the best.

  4. SmartScarecrow says:

    @Davetech23 – thanks … had seen this video previously and agree its a good quality, well done presentation …

  5. SmartScarecrow says:

    @1BustedMyth – ok, check out the info section and see if that is what you are looking for … its a good suggestion and in future episodes, will try to be more careful about quoting various sources … all material presented is drawn from Internet sources available to pretty much anyone who cares to do the research …

  6. 1BustedMyth says:

    Hi, any chance you can put links or at least search terms for the items discussed in the Info section, would be much appreciated, would make it much easier to follow up on these items, thanks

  7. Davetech23 says:

    What am I thinking? What’s on my mind? Thank you for asking.
    I’m thinking about a recent youtube video which I have just found which contains an in-depth history of how America has come to be in perpetual war mode.
    Every citizen should see this information. This video should go viral.

    “Manifest Destiny’s Child” watch?v=-YniP6yJfiQ
    Please convince others to see this powerful, truthful, important video.
    (this video is not on my chan. I just think it is important) Thank you. Dave

  8. SmartScarecrow says:

    @weslingm – unfortunate, but true …

  9. weslingm says:

    The truth is the the super rich use your money to bet and when they loose you pay them with interest.

  10. SmartScarecrow says:

    @mikepowers420 – the show is also available from iTunes, Vimeo, BlipTV and a number of other sources … I think that AOL and Google also syndicate the show … the full archive of all previous shows is at USTREAM …

  11. mikepowers420 says:

    Thank You S.S..
    I have a hard time getting to your show very often, so the YT replays are Great.
    Keep on Rockin..

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