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Green Expo Florida : Solar Power Events Directory

Your Green Expo Florida directory. Submit or find green expo, solar expo, and other Florida solar power events.

Broward Green Expo 2011

The Broward Green Expo presents a variety of green technology, including solar applications. This free event is being held at the Inverrary Vacation Resort

Solar Power Financing – Solar Energy Grants, Leases, Rebates, Loans & Incentives

Find out which solar power financing options are right for you. Learn about incentives such as solar energy grants, rebates, loans, leases, power purchase agreements and tax credits.

Solar Loans: Financing Your Solar Power System

Solar loans can help you finance a solar project that is too expensive to pay for with cash. Find out which type of solar energy loan is right for you…

Expanded Definition For Global Warming: Facts on the Causes and Effects

A definition for Global Warming is the gradual increase in temperature near the Earth’s surface. Get more facts on global warming including what it is, it’s causes, and the effects it can have on you.

Renewable Energy Expansion Summit – Conference, Energy Project Developers

The Renewable Energy Expansion Summit (REES) is an exclusive initiative for global renewable energy product manufacturers and solution providers to meet

ONLY SUSTAINABLE 2011: The 2nd International Conference on Clean Energy

“Only Sustainable 2011”, The Capital of Sustainable Energy for the Americas • Over 40 expert speakers and senior representatives of the energy industry

Solar Open House – Waialae Iki

Join Smart Energy Hawaii for our Solar Open House on Sunday, October 9th Date: Sunday, October 9, 2011 Location: Waialae Iki – 1451 Ohialoke Place, Honolulu

Easy Solar Projects Workshop

The Easy Solar Projects Workshop will provide the basic expertise needed to complete a small solar project. It will cover simple systems including…Solar

Residential Basics of Going Solar Workshop

Residential Basics of Going Solar is a FREE workshop which will explain why solar is a smart choice for Oregon homeowners. The workshop is broken into

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