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Benefits of Geothermal Heating and Cooling

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Provided by: Video on the benefits of geothermal heat pumps as an alternative heating and cooling solution. No more propane or oil burning in the winter, check out geothermal.
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25 Responses to “Benefits of Geothermal Heating and Cooling”
  1. GeniusGeothermal says:

    As far as costs go – please consider reading the article “Geothermal by the numbers pa”. It explains why geothermal can be a good financial investment in a property. To get to it simply google “Geothermal by the Numbers PA”

  2. GeniusGeothermal says:


    Geothermal is a more efficient heating and cooling system. This means one would use less fossil fuel (heating oil, propane, coal, etc.) to heat their home during the winter and they would also use less electricity in the summer to air condition than before.

    Insulation is good too, I would recommend insulation and then installing a more efficient system.

    In summary geothermal systems allow homeowners to burn significantly less fossil fuels and use less electricity.

  3. donnacha2006 says:

    bullshit. save the earth my ass. unless u have a wind turbine powering the heat pump and circulating pumps u aint saving shit. as far as i know (because no one will tell me) it costs 2-3 k a year to run this system depending on the house size. 20k to 30k to install. spend ur money on insulation and u wont need much if any heat

  4. dhjil9 says:

    3 people hate the Earth

  5. BrokenRRT says:

    What would make this the “right thing to do” is make it free or at least non profit to start.

  6. Adawg4008 says:


  7. leamyelectricinc1 says:

    very cool

  8. amdsemprom says:

    this is the future form to use our own energy. is the greatest for to use energy. i have this in house =)

  9. kli3668 says:

    Cool Stuff

  10. Tahmeedish says:

    This is Awesome!

  11. briangular says:

    @hanhunk69 You want a handout? What a moocher. Buy and pay for your OWN things and stop expecting other people (tax payers) to buy your things for you.
    That said – this is really fascinating technology which could catch on easily.

  12. jlepage31187 says:

    kool i need one now

  13. devious357 says:

    thats what i need

  14. romilindita says:

    excelent alternative

  15. mykatiedidit1 says:

    Awesome totally cool!!

  16. nievesmonotya says:

    Esto es mucho mejor, que las placas solares. Y a la larga más barato!!!!!

  17. josephcornelius1986 says:

    great video

  18. LocoElBob69 says:

    This is a good video!

  19. FullMetalBuddha2 says:

    good stuff

  20. Fizzgiz says:

    Very Cool!

  21. daviddcrabtree says:

    I will be off lp heating in 2012!!!!!

  22. marcelocox5 says:

    i think whay the geothermal energy is cool , is a nice idea .

  23. marcelocox5 says:

    i think whay the geothermal energy is cool , is a nice idea .

  24. marcelocox5 says:

    the geothermal energy ias a amazing idea

  25. faxriddin1 says:


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