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Brilliant Newfoundlander Invents the Solution!

December 22, 2011 by  
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Jim Meaney, owner of Cansolair Inc. displays how he converts pop cans into a powerful solar heating panel.

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25 Responses to “Brilliant Newfoundlander Invents the Solution!”
  1. whitmanzwicker says:

    @fabfauna if you put the cold air return high you will be sucking up the hottest air, since, as you say, hot air rises. The cold air return must be low, where the cold air is. home, It is not uncommon for heating ducts to pour heat from the ceiling.

  2. MrJamesb192 says:

    methinks evacuated solar tubes would be a better investment. and ridiculously large hot water tank and a ridiculously large not cold water tank.

  3. Wongofi says:

    during the winter in a place like Canada where it is overcast all the time good luck staying warm lol!

  4. fabfauna says:

    It’d be neat to have two or three units cycle hot air efficently through so the air gets hot enough before it reached the hot air duct and gets returned back into the cycle.

  5. fabfauna says:

    Simple technology. I may have to make one to experiment. I wonder if this type of thing would heat a garage that isn’t insulated better than a propane heater?

    The convex curve of the glass is essential when placing it inline with the sun’s displacement throughout the day. I wonder how much air is moved through the unit with the blower?

    It’d also be good to have the cold air return at the top of the building, while the hot air duct at the bottom since heat rises. But would it be efficiency enuf

  6. fabfauna says:

    Simple technology. I may have to make one to experiment. I wonder if this type of thing would work in a garage that isn’t insulated?

  7. MusicalSawMen says:

    Cool, but why this unit is sold for 2500 $, at that price, there is no way you will get your money back, you have to improve your production effectiveness !

  8. ChristiansMustLearn says:

    Fuck,ing Asesome. Love it

  9. MrBiejos says:


  10. francises12 says:

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  11. jughead5150 says:

    @AMilitantAgnostic – he is wearing leather gloves – leather won’t wind up on a spindle like a cloth glove will. I use leather gloves all the time on the drill press, and I am not a true to life dumb shit. Years ago, when I ran the drill press wearing cloth gloves – well, then I was a dumb shit with a hole in the side of his thumb.

  12. aspdotnetdeveloper says:

    That is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time!

  13. 1960johnnyboy says:

    @TheAnonynja …. the cans aren’t edited in. The glass is curved which makes things distorted when there’s movement, i.e. the camera’s not steady.

  14. jennifer171986 says:

    @theapocilip id have all leaks and drafts sealed, and get a few solar panels as well. solar panels will charge up all the batteries, run a portable oil heater off the battery whooo! i want to set this up!! but i dont have a house. just an apartment. with free heat and electricity already.

  15. alueshen says:

    @theapocilip These heaters are designed to work during the day. If you live in a cold climate and you can utilize one of these units you could probably cut 15-25% off your heating bill. The reality is is these things are not an alternative heat source, but simply meant to supplement. These heaters are perfect for garages and sheds that aren’t heated and owners are looking for a low cost want to heat them during the day.

  16. wheelori814 says:

    @theapocilip i was thinking the same thing when i heard about this a couple years back. Now im wondering if this type of thing would work with a cobb house. instead of using a rocket heater, i wonder if this would heat up some thermal mass enough to keep the house warm at night! although, in the north east winters, there isnt that much sun, so you would still have to have an alternative heating source. Maybe a combo of this and rocket heater. This for day time use/ sunny days. 

  17. theapocilip says:

    What about night time? When you need the heat the most.

  18. MrBrennanmoriarty says:

    @duke1duke1 you could keep your building cool, though.
    and even northern & western europe has sun in the winter, especially when it’s clear and crispy cold.

  19. MrBrennanmoriarty says:

    Tempered glass [float glass] in standard a size must be both cheaper and more durable [chemical resistant policarbonate is quite expensive]
    also some aluminum cans are thicker than others, what’s the effect?
    also, while air is free/infinite and freeze-proof, a hi-bred air and water-heating system might be ideal? so could “as cheap/affordable” water pipes fit in the grooves?

  20. 879twist says:

    in vancouver you should opt for water flow system different enviroments different solution

  21. TheAnonynja says:

    Er, anyone know why the glass has the blackened cans edited in to the video? you can clearly see the image layer shifting around “under” the glass.. 

  22. duke1duke1 says:

    This would be useless in Vancouver. Too overcast, cloudy, and rainy all winter. The only time you would be able to heat your house would be the already hot summer!

  23. johnnnyreb51 says:

    This type of heater is 20 years old.

  24. circusboy90210 says:

    funny he does not look inbred.

  25. CommentsSurvey says:

    @choochinbigtime420 : Was the heat exchanger properly installed? Or was it just “too cold” in Canada as you said? I’m sorry to hear this.

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