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Cheapest Best Way To Heat Your Home For Less

January 27, 2012 by  
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This is how I have reduced my heating cost in a large way and stay warm on those cold winter nights. It can be done for next to nothing, with materials already in your home. If you don’t have an alternative heat source this is a solution to dramatically reducing your heating costs and reducing your carbon footprint. Its not free heat but you will spend less and stay nice and warm.With the high cost of heating oil and other sources of heating your home the best solution is to use less. This if enough people do this makes our current methods of heating more sustainable. By reducing your heating cost in these economic time you can free up much need money for other things. A great way to save on heat.

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24 Responses to “Cheapest Best Way To Heat Your Home For Less”
  1. craziesthorse says:

    I built a tent fort over my bed to reduce the drafts, and take a hot water bottle to bed. :-)

  2. murphy4trees says:

    You sir are a true conservative… Thanks for sharing a little common sense with such practical value!

  3. Hayeshacker0NE says:

    That makes so much sense. Why heat the other rooms pointlessly when you should only heat the main room where you live for most of the time. For me, all I have to do is migrate my thermostat into the main room and I’m set.

  4. NewBookz says:

    I live with wood heat. Here in the west I have many sources for wood-mostly free .

    Sleeping bags or quilt on the window is a great idea-just have to be willing to do the work!

  5. tblbaby says:

    You don’t need much skill with a sewing machine if you don’t really care how it looks, lol. This is from a guy with 2 sewing machines I never use, never actually used them … BUT THEY WERE CHEAP! This is a great idea and it’s got me thinking. You could sew up covers using fiberglass insulation and use a rope system to bunch it over the window and let it down and weights and anchor strings through eyelet to keep it in place with little effort so when it comes down it snugs up to the hole nicely.

  6. w1ldyovvnz says:

    Our house is open concept but its only one floor and the areas we use most like our kitchen, living room(woodstove and couch) and a Small bathroom/washroom(no shower or bath)

  7. desertbard says:

    I use a wall of aquariums next to a south facing window. They do a great job as thermo mass. 

  8. Jim86363 says:

    Thank you for your videos and tips !

  9. skybirdbird says:

    an electric blanket to pre heat the bed is nice too…:-)

  10. momzilla57 says:

    i have insulated every single pipe in the house.used partial pieces of insulation to pack in crevices. i make insulation blankets to place over the basement windows , put window covers over the window wells and have filled the wells with stray insulation. always thermal insulated curtains on all windows caulk , foam spray, and insulation in and around all doors.if it is extremely cold i will disconnect the dryer hose and vent in the house for a load or 2. puts moisture and warmth in the air

  11. great769 says:

    @marthale7 I have used also the spray foam

  12. marthale7 says:

    @great769 Another awesome idea is to use pipe insulation ( those long foam pipes ) to fill in cracks. Cheap, and does a terrific job.

  13. great769 says:

    @marthale7 That sounds like a good idea, I’ll try bubble wrap. thanks .

  14. marthale7 says:

    I have been doing the same thing for the last 2 years, I have moved my computers to my bedroom, which is my cell :-) Another idea for the windows is bubble wrap. It lets the light thru and still blocks the heat. You have just gave me an idea for my bedroom, why not collect about 50 sleeping bags then build an interior wall of PVC to hold the sleeping bags for a super insulated room. I have been thinking of using cardboard boxes filled with peanuts for insulation Cheers!

  15. great769 says:

    @missouriprepper I with I had skill with a sewing machine I would make my own.

  16. great769 says:

    @ncautoman57 Thats how I feel

  17. great769 says:

    @ekhaat Thank you my friend.

  18. great769 says:

    @calskin We’ve been programed to blindly accept what is so called normal, I’ve taken a lot of ribbing from friends and family.

  19. great769 says:

    @calskin We’ve been programed to blindly accept what is so called normal, I’ve taken a lot of ribbing from friends and family.

  20. calskin says:

    Very true.  It’s really stupid how we work so hard during the day to afford social norms.

  21. great769 says:

    @tostrong4you Hi I air out the house every day.I found that dry air from outside warms up easier, I sleep with the window open year round.

  22. missouriprepper says:

    Great video I had a friend growing up who’s mother made decorative curtains that were constructed like a sleeping bag and it saved them a ton of money.

  23. tostrong4you says:

    Love your idea, I might do that too when I get my own apartment.
    I love a cold room when I sleep, the blankets warm me up more that enough.

    One thing though, how do you keep the air moving/coming inside the house so that you get fresh air?

  24. ekhaat says:

    The more I see your videos, the more you are a man to my liking.


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