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Creature Comforts ~ Electricity ads

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Aardman animations electricity adverts
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24 Responses to “Creature Comforts ~ Electricity ads”
  1. msamour says:

    Apparently one of the most successful advertising campaign in the last 25 years. I can see why. I really love the episodes, and I wished they would see more air time on channel networks in Canada. Thanks to everyone involved for this success.

  2. redDL89 says:

    the animation is so life-like!–I love how Nick Park included all those subtle/random body movements that ppl often do (but do not notice) in real life

  3. limbdarkening says:

    When were all these ads on the TV?

  4. GalacticPenguin says:

    It’s very efFISHient.

  5. oooonek says:

    these are so funny !!
    but omg… how many are there ??
    its like 3:30! i cant stop watching… i gotta go SLEEP!!

  6. redredreddd1 says:

    He he he the penguin flapping his feet, funny as …..

  7. polysemousncrk says:

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  8. HU4LIFE09 says:

    Who’s this then Ali? x

  9. farmer2be09 says:

    love creature comforts!

  10. JMein13074 says:

    About the birds, where there many Brazilians visiting and/or immigrating to the UK around this time?

  11. NewGirlyy says:

    the pigs are so cute!

  12. DADRENO says:

    @bakadazcha Different dog though.

    Reminds me of Eve and Myself.

  13. bakadazcha says:

    The Scouse cat is great!

  14. mooseontheloose says:

    The last one is the absolute classic. Watch the birdies at the window

  15. Marcobisc24 says:

    I think these ads are truly comforting.

  16. usimany says:

    OMG?! the female panda! thats my english teacher Mrs McGinley! :D

  17. Partystarta11 says:

    lol the pandas are my uncle and antie no jokes :) they are visiting from scotland

  18. stingrayfan2007 says:

    Frank the totoise is classic, I think he appeared in a few episodes as well

  19. quimeraejaculada says:

    Scottish Pandas…. lol

  20. Bagpuss76 says:

    definitly brilliant, but the only trouble is from an advertising point of view they failed because people always remembered these ads as being for British Gas!!! Doesn’t detract from the brilliant quality, but in terms of effectiveness, they were something of an epic fail!

  21. Forkboy55555 says:

    lol penguin heart attack at 6:21 in the background

  22. digimaks says:

    i love the parrot the most! the others are awesome too! Got to love that lip sinching work!


    about what? i love the turtle(:

  24. Yanamation says:

    LOL! I like the tortoise on the first advert!!!

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