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Dryer Repair Help Video “Repairing Heating Problems”

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This Whirlpool Built Gas Dryer Troubleshooting Heating Problems Video looks closely at how to troubleshoot and repair problems with your whirlpool built gas dryer. Whirlpool built dryers are easily recognized by the lint catcher or trap located on the top of the dryer. This dryer repair video will show how to troubleshoot and fix problems with your dryers gas valve, dryer igniter, dryer valve coils, dryer flame switch, dryer thermal fuse, dryer cycling thermostat, dryer hi-limit thermostat, dryer timer, dryer temperature switch, as well as ducting problems, and other heat related gas dryer problems. Whirlpool gas dryers are built under the names Whirlpool, Roper, Estate, Kitchen Aid, Inglis, Amana, Maytag, Kirkland, Kenmore. I hope this helps you fix your dryer. More appliance repair help videos at
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25 Responses to “Dryer Repair Help Video “Repairing Heating Problems””
  1. leandrew75 says:

    @applianceassistant I have the same prob whirlpool

  2. applianceassistant says:

    @TMGADTXTER What is the brand and model number of your dryer? After the dryer has heated and cycled off, does the ignitor glow again and then go out with no burner ignition? If you turn the dryer off for an hour or so will it heat again?

  3. TMGADTXTER says:

    I watched the video, but I am unclear about the problem with my dryer. The igniter lights up, the gas is released and the dryer heats up, but it appears that it does not re-ignite and so the clothes don’t dry completely. Is this the sensor/thermostat in the back or the two coils that control the gas flow? thanks in advance for the clarification!

  4. applianceassistant says:

    @ace3shotgun7 If you have replaced the coils and are sure they fit well and are installed properly then it sounds like you have a gas supply problem. All you can do check that the gas is getting to the dryer if it is you may have a bad dryer gas valve, very rare but possible. But first take a good look at the coils and make sure they are sitting well on top of the valve and the bracket is mounted properly.

  5. ace3shotgun7 says:

    i have done troubleshooting on my whirlpool gas dryer …i have change the coils and replaced the flame sensor…..still when turning on it glows for about 7-10 sec then slowly goes out still no heat what else can i do

  6. applianceassistant says:

    @garciaJo65 Thanks for watching and commenting! I’m glad it helped!

  7. garciaJo65 says:

    Thanks,for the video. you help me fix my Dryer and save a few buck$.

  8. applianceassistant says:

    @lombo69 Congratulations! Thanks for the update!

  9. applianceassistant says:

    @TBBJ2011 In most cases replacing the coils located on top of the valve should solve your problem. If you need parts please find them through the links on my website. There is a link to ApplianceAssistant . Com in the description of this video.
    If you have any other questions please feel free to email me through the website and I can be more specific. Thanks!

  10. TBBJ2011 says:

    I have a whirlpool model LGB6200PQ0. My dryer is not heating up, it glows orange an the flame starts. After 10 minutes the dryer stops drying. Turn back on after it cools down an it repeats the same thing. Checked the air ducts an found no lint. What do you recommend.

  11. lombo69 says:

    Thank you sir. You were right on. I pulled the duct off where it connects to the dryer and it was clogged. You are the best.

  12. applianceassistant says:

    @lombo69 Sounds like you have a clogged duct somewhere, it could be internal if you have already tried to run it with the ducting off the back. The only other thing I can think of mechanically would be the hi-limit thermostat part# 279048 malfunctioning, but most likely it is doing it’s job correctly and cutting power to the burner due to a clog of lint somewhere. If you happen to need a part… purchasing it through ApplianceAssistant . Com would be greatly appreciated! Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. lombo69 says:

    By the way, I have a kenmore dryer model 87873100

  14. lombo69 says:

    my dryer ignitor glows,then the flame starts and then it clecks and the flame goes off. I can repeat the process right away with the same results. I don’t have to wait for it to cool down . What do you think.

  15. applianceassistant says:

    @Charismabucceri If you can see the ignitor heat up and cycle off with no flame then it is almost certainly the coils that need replacement. If the ignitor glows it okay in almost all cases. However if the ignitor heats up and does not cycle off then you need a new sensor on the side of the burner tube. If you do need to get parts I would greatly appreciate buying them through the links on ApplianceAssistant . Com! If you have any other questions let me know!

  16. Charismabucceri says:

    My maytag dryer is not blowing out heat. Its blowing out air but not hot air. One site suggested that I change the igniter kit, so I did. It lights up but my dryer still is NOT getting hot. And there is no fire starting in the tunnel/tube thing made of sheet metal. I’ve watched a video that suggets made its the valve coils or the thermostat. what do u think?

  17. applianceassistant says:

    @gloweify If after it has cycled off you observe the ignitor glow again and click off without burner ignition then you should replace the coils on the valve. If the ignitor does not cycle and glow again then you may have a cycling or hi-limit thermostat problem. Or perhaps your ducting is clogged, or your blower … Lets just start with the first question and go from there :) Also what is your dryer’s model number?

  18. gloweify says:

    @applianceassistant . I have a similar problem as above. Igniter glows, burner turns on and heats for a few minutes and then shuts off. It wont turn on again until it apparently cools down. Please let me know if you have any suggestions..thanks for your time.

  19. gloweify says:

    @applianceassistant–very helpful video, I have a similar problem as the above comment. Burner igniter glows followed shortly by the burner turning on thereby heating. However after a couple minutes it shuts off and wont burn again until it apparently it cools off. Any suggestions? Thank you for ur time.

  20. applianceassistant says:

    @BasicBeatMusic Thanks for the comment! Glad I could help!

  21. BasicBeatMusic says:

    Wow. Your video helped me troubleshoot and repair a dryer very similar to the one in your video, AND another dryer very different from the one in your video!


  22. applianceassistant says:

    @MegaFlyman9 If your dryer is gas I would go with the valve coils… if the burner ignitor is glowing but the burner will not light you know that the thermostats are okay and it’s probably the burner coils. However if the ignitor stops trying to ignite the burner then you probably do have a problem with one of the thermostats. Feel free to email me through ApplianceAssistant . com if you have any questions and I can get a little more detailed. Hope that helps some, Good luck!

  23. applianceassistant says:

    @srelliott83 Sorry for taking so long in getting back with you. By the wire diagram I would think that you may have a problem with the temp selection switch or the wire harness that connects to the temp selector switch. The harness has 2 inline resistors (1 10Ω & 1 10KΩ) I would check those for resistance with the harness unplugged. or there is a timer contact problem from orange to white/black wire at timer switch 0. hard to say for sure without actually checking voltage at the timer contact.

  24. MegaFlyman9 says:

    Great Video. I get heat on start up and then after a few minutes the heat turns off and does not come back on until after about 10 minutes when everything cools back down. I am guessing I have a cycling thermostat failure and the system is cycling on the hi limit thermostat. Does this sound like a correct diagnosis. I already mistakenly replaced the hi limit thermostat and don’t want to make another costly mis-diagnosis.

  25. srelliott83 says:

    Hi. My gas dryer gets hot on the high setting but does not heat on any other setting. The timed high heat will progress on its own. The auto dry mode does not progress or heat up. It is a Whirlpool lgr 7646eq3. Any advice? Thanks!

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