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Free Solar Heat DIY “How to build a solar panel” Part 1.1

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25 Responses to “Free Solar Heat DIY “How to build a solar panel” Part 1.1”
  1. dragonlaughing says:

    Nice job. I’m building a solar air heater today and tomorrow and I needed that reminder about the silicon. Plus, it’s a great extemporaneous creation of a water heating solar panel!

  2. agagne11 says:

    Great Informational Video!

  3. 2ninja4uman says:

    @isofaster i stand corrected ;)

  4. simanto2015 says:

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  5. acuaman42 says:


  6. yemenifish says:

    Dear Brother,
    I have seen you video, and really appreciate for this. I will be very much obliged to you, if you kindly help me to know – what do I need for 1(one) Kw system for my house. Kindly note I am living in Karachi, Pakistan.
    Waiting for your kind reply please.
    Kind regards.
    Your faithfully,

  7. HybridHomes says:

    There is something to be said about thermal mass as well. The copper coil laid on top of aluminum will oxidize, corroding the copper in a matter of months. Using glycol is a good idea providing you can insert the other end into a vessel that helps introduce the heat. PVC has almost as much transfer of heat as copper and much less expensive plus the volume will increase.

  8. Dewdaahman says:

    how do you hook it up to your water/heating system..? I have a boiler..

  9. SolarXpert says:

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  10. SolarXpert says:

    Huge sale! 4 days only. DIY solar panel kit $99. PV frames $39. Make your own solar panels and find all your diy solar products at solar-deals(.)com.

  11. nivekevinutz says:

    @kamikaze1983 you can also use it for making power, when a heated metal touches a cooled or warm metal, it will make electricity

  12. simonkism says:

    awesome video keep up the good work, i think people would like too see even bigger setups and the connection you use to your hot water tank or the pipes that you pipe it through the walls or floor with to heat your home if you do that

  13. Garynoles says:

    Good video, very sturdy and well built. However my wife would raise hell if I built this on the kitchen table like you did! ;-) 

  14. kelly3christina says:

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  15. buchananfibbing says:

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  16. jasminsanty says:

    That heat foil? is that found at the back of the ref? did you use a regular aluminum foil? I hope you do a tutorial on how to made a small power system at home. THank you.

  17. amiesanyang says:

    It doesn’t show how to connect the water supply to the heater

  18. prollandjayver says:

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  19. cadentavaricegrtrj says:

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  20. watballs2020 says:

    @computermech heat exchanger,same way your boiler sealed system heats secondry wateer in cylinder.

  21. MrLeonard55 says:

    Why not paint the copper black?

  22. TheTwistedGypsy says:

    very good…bout the only thing I would do different is apply siocone to the pieces of wood in the box to prevent water and air leakage, once the wood dries completly and has a tendancy to creat small gaps between the joints….other than that Great Job and very well done DIY video

  23. SolarXpert says:

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  24. LetsCook2gether says:

    I really dont understand how to cook with this one.
    or what to do with it.
    is there a video that shows how to use it and what you can do with it. and shows the results of this selfmade solar thing?

  25. colonella2002 says:

    You are correct…this is a sample flat panel. New video in production..

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