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Geothermal Heating

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A brief introduction to geothermal: the next wave of clean and sustainable energy. THIS VIDEO HAS A NEWER AND BETTER VERSION HERE: newgroundwork has become Topic Simple (

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25 Responses to “Geothermal Heating”
  1. 99airsoftboy says:

    that looks kinda perverted…. 0:05 and hide the annotations!!!

  2. RylandSD101 says:

    i got a project on geothermal energy and at this point i still have no clues about what it is

  3. danzoly says:

    @adamworth1979 No actually you are mistaken again, for the following reasons: 1. geothermal units have PUMPS which are used to circulate the heat transfer fluid which moves the heat from the earth to the home (or visa versa in the winter). These pumps USE ELECTRICITY (although they are very efficient). 2. When a temperature is required which is beyond that of the ground (not hot or cold enough) the pumps use a vapor-compression refrigeration cycle that moves heat requiring MORE ELECTRICITY.

  4. adamworth1979 says:

    @danzoly No, actually you are mistaken. There is a difference between the energy or power required to run any heating/cooling unit and the power required to heat or cool. A geothermal unit does NOT pollute in the heating or cooling process since the energy required for this process is harnessed from the earth. You’re talking apples and oranges here. My old oil furnace uses electricity to start, run the pump plus it pollutes by burning oil to heat.

  5. danzoly says:

    @adamworth1979 …Easy there tiger. So I guess electric heaters and air conditioning units can be called non-polluting too! (because we don’t consider the “power company”) What he said in the video was that: “so what are the benefits of geothermal heating…” “…and is therefore 100% non-polluting” is grossly misleading and insulting to my profession.

  6. adamworth1979 says:

    @danzoly you’re a freaking moron. The unit itself IS 100% non-polluting. Pay attention dumb ass… He is talking about the unit not the power company.

  7. ThinkStage says:

    Very cool

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  8. danzoly says:

    “100% non-polluting” ??? so then it must run off of hopes and dreams rather than electricity, what a joke

  9. snowwolf23 says:

  10. toxicsumo says:

    i got question
    can it work with large apartment buildings
    and doesnt the thermal energy below the surface of the ground got sucked out if there is a continues long winter?

  11. AmberVanlerberghe says:

    Can I please have the text you said?? It’s for school, TOMORROW. I’m dutch, I don’t understand it good. Thaaaanks :)

  12. thebaron512 says:

    A supercritical CO2 based Geothermal System is even more efficient using technology from Thar Geothermal. Geothermal can also give you hot water for “free”.

  13. kaneofdarkness says:

    @hugo3144 Du hast auch keine Ahnung, wie man richtig auf Deutsch schreibt, so can it jerkoff!!!

  14. kylebinder96 says:

    best video ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. TheShazzamy says:

    @MAGGIEoooMAGOO hahaha same. this is the last park to mine :)

  16. mcshabaramma says:

    me like the sounds effects adede

  17. MAGGIEoooMAGOO says:

    ha hnx for the info doin a science project lol dont forget to subscribe

  18. mongfarmer says:

    @RENEDU2 he said 15 degrees mate

  19. PwningXylo says:

    …damn those sound effects are annoying

  20. hugo3144 says:

    der redet total scheise der hat keine anung

  21. HorizSvcs says:

    Thank you for posting this video. It aptly explains how geothermal heating and cooling helps to reduce energy costs of an average homeowner.

  22. kimrie101 says:


  23. perplexfraction says:

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  24. fittingciobb says:

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  25. RENEDU2 says:

    2 metres under the ground @ 50 degrees… I think not..

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