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Heat exchanger Air/Water

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Lackeby Products heat exchanger for air/water is developed to extract the heat from air directly after blowers for aerated tanks. This extend the life time of rubber membranes which will save costs. For countries who has colder climate the heated water can be used to heating ventilation air, tap water or to pre-heat boiler water. Visit for more information.
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11 Responses to “Heat exchanger Air/Water”
  1. chevyvictor says:

    $1000 worth of copper tube there

  2. JADEKINGsRULE says:

    btw u need 2 vents for safe opperation:)

  3. JADEKINGsRULE says:

    NICE.. im starting 2 like this planet…:) u just got 2points closer 2 galactic ‘civelized’ status:)
    still have your TV from 1968? no? did the government make u throw it away?
    oh well :)
    PS- a 5year old made this -while pooping!! green slime:)

  4. mYOzZyKaT says:

    I dont know if its a fault in the drawing or its me that doesnt understand the function of the heat exchanger, but to me Läckerby have connected its the wrong way around.
    A counterflow heat exchanger is something like 25-30% more effecient than a parallel flow model or cross flow.
    Meaning that the cold return water have to enter a the coldest heat exit point which is doesnt in the animation.
    The cold and hot return water should be switched around making it at least 25% more efficient.

  5. coolmixes says:

    this looks just what I need for the back of my all nighter wood stove..

  6. rhiubi says:

    Pressure drop is neglectable and airflow is depending on temperature as well.

    But from DN250 to DN700 is what we normaly design them for.

  7. kaoridryers says:

    how about the pressure drop of the air flow?

  8. D7Movie says:

    i like a quote to have one like that make

  9. rhiubi says:

    The cost is low compared to the cost for the energy that you can recover.

  10. D7Movie says:

    hi,i like your products air/gas heat exchanger,how much its cost to make one like that

  11. domyaska says:

    thanks a lot !useful!!!

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