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Heat Press Transfer Vinyl Tutorial

December 25, 2011 by  
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Josh Ellsworth demonstrates the process of using heat transfer vinyl. From cutting to weeding to heating, this video will demonstrate the process for you.
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25 Responses to “Heat Press Transfer Vinyl Tutorial”
  1. msspody2 says:

    what software did you use for the design

  2. cuginetycoon says:

    thats waaaaaaay to time consuming

  3. NicenEasyuk says:

    He says Corel like Cerol

  4. CADCUTDirect says:

    you can buy it at CADCUTdirect . com

  5. waveykid211 says:

    where can i actually get the vinyl from online plz help

  6. beaner4life says:


    Thats bullshit you don’t need that much money. You can do all this for about $500 or even less. Get a used Heat Press off craigslist for like $200 or less. Get a vinyl cutter from for under $300. And then buy some vinyl rolls for $50 off amazon.

  7. monkeyed says:

    Who would dislike this?

  8. shpsaophuongnam says:

    - Trung tâm phân phối độc quyền máy in HANSENG Tại Việt Nam:
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  9. debra1959hall says:

    It was very understandable, thanks for sharing

  10. M2spot says:

    I’ve started to make this job with a plotter (craftrobo) 250,00 euro, and a heat press on ebay 295,00 euro , and now I start to gain some extra money, with shirts

  11. mardwene says:

    não entendi foi nada hahahah

  12. citystars135 says:

    @hijodiponggolz I got a vinyl cutter and heat press for $500 that came with software, just gotta play around with it and you can do whatever you want. its really not that expensive to do

  13. Mairsyboy says:

    Got the answer from questions asked earlier thanks,I wish to start up doing t shirts for my martial arts gym,can you recommend a heat press,cutter,and what vinyl to get me started please,we are a charity,and don’t want to lose money out of our hard earned kitty,many thanks.glad I saw your video.

  14. Mairsyboy says:

    How many washes would the t shirt go through before cracking,thank you.

  15. nagwatcy says:

    thanks is nice

  16. brianfromyourhormone says:

    heyya sir…i never tried vinyl transfer though i just discovered it here…I can print with screenprint,.how much that heat press?or all of it? to make a complete print?

  17. MRSPAGEDY says:

    Hey is there like a table that tells you what kind of vinyl you need for different shirt materials.? Thanks

  18. MRSPAGEDY says:

    Hey is there like a table that tells you what kind of vinyl you need for different shirt materials.

  19. fetallica1 says:

    i like to buy Roland cutter how much it cost ???

  20. nickolas2009 says:

    -voltage: constant electric current — 12v, alternating current — 220v
    -the model is — multifunctional, needs minimal service costs, simple in operating
    -power consumption: alternating current — 0,05 — 0,35 kWt/hour, constant current -0,05 — 0,1 kWt/hour
    time of heating S =20 sq.m per 2 hour
    -high economic effects
    -maximum level of heating with minimum power consumption

  21. truongvu2 says:

    hey man, one question i got a creation pro h.k vinyl cutter and right now i’m stucked with the size. i don’t no how to adjust the size on the cutter and how to adjust the size from the software to suit to the cuter adjustment?

  22. ebassify says:

    @TriggerMan41 i use a yudu screen print for that kind of stuff cad cant get that much definition close but the thin lines will just wrinkle up

  23. TriggerMan41 says:

    I would like to see a demo of just detailed and defined you can get with the vinyl to heat press app. The shirts of today with the ” Gothic” style are pretty detailed.
    Thank you

  24. csskafeen says:

    do i need a special printer like this one to print the designs?

  25. vicvic19841 says:

    Hi! Is there a particular printer for that job or can I use a regular printer?

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