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Heating with wood 2010.wmv

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Took out the corn boiler and replaced it with an outdoor wood boiler unit HE-2100 unit from Hawken Energy. The stove is Michigan made! Got lots of dead wood in the fence rows, however, decided that would like to have a jump on wood supply so I ordered a semi load of wood from Whittaker Timber and Land Services (989) 872-3065. I purchased the wood boiler from Doug Vansickle (810) 376-4782 . So far I have been mixing green wood with seasoned. Mostly Oak and Ash. Been burning, with Outdoor temps near zero , about 12 qty of 8-10 inch x 31 inch long logs per day total. House is very toasty! We are using heat exchangers in a forced air furnace. Seems like house is warmer with less fan run time.
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6 Responses to “Heating with wood 2010.wmv”
  1. KrackowKid says:

    That’s a big wood burner…never seen anything like it.

  2. OneManSmoke says:

    @HomelessShelterRice it’s a small world after all! lol yeah man nice meeting you here bro !
    This wood boiler is all that!

  3. HomelessShelterRice says:

    @OneManSmoke well, looky here at who I bumped into, seems like somebody and I has a common share of interest in burning wood or trying to find a nice way to save money and heat the house. overall this is a good video and after reading the video description i’m even more interested. *tilts hat to OneManSmoke* g’day eagerjeffrey.

  4. trimbletobacco says:

    Nice set-up

  5. OneManSmoke says:

    Thats a sweet unit right there dang nice!!!

  6. jschil01 says:

    How long does a load of wood like that last ya? And if i can ask how expensive is it to buy the wood and the stove?

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