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Ivor The Engine – Ep14 – Central Heating

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6 Responses to “Ivor The Engine – Ep14 – Central Heating”
  1. impaxNo7 says:

    Now the Dragon is an unmarried parent!

  2. impaxNo7 says:

    It’s that radioactive Dragon again. Help!

  3. mksav1 says:

    tssssssh chi kuf . tssssssssh chi kuf. cotton wool beats computer graphics anyday. PROPER animation. THANK YOU.

  4. SONBoomer says:

    Gas-fired volcano?
    Wales would be as famous as Pompei with a thing like that, dragons or no dragons!

  5. ezmereldagreen says:

    love this…can u imagine? reeeal dragons!

  6. AdiJones21 says:

    Dear Hansabear,
    Thak you so much for posting this.
    The most wonderful episode of all.Cried my eyes out here living in Singapore and missing my home in Neath, South Wales.
    Enjoying watching all of the episodes and you’ve brought joy into someone’s life here! (and my girlfriends – who loves Wales).
    The best narrator of all time too :)

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