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Julius Sumner Miller – Physics – Heat by Convection pt. 1

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Demonstrations in physics – heat energy transfer by convection

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25 Responses to “Julius Sumner Miller – Physics – Heat by Convection pt. 1”
  1. Nathdeman says:

    This man is amazing, loud and clear

  2. metumurat says:

    @blankman5001 Crookes radiometer, a kind of heat engine.

  3. gemerx says:


  4. alleycat23rocks says:

    he’s qwacky, but great.

  5. blankman5001 says:

    what is that bulb with the spinny thing in the intro? ive been trying to find out 

  6. jigbuilda says:

    ‘the transfer of heat energy by actual transfer of stuff’… hey it works for me lmao

  7. XDexaXD says:


  8. texasghost says:

    My science teacher used to call this guy…The Mad Scientist…lol. There was one episode..can’t remember which one..where one of his physics demonistrations is going on as planned…and he screams out…”Watch it it….OH MOTHER!!” lol. Wished I knew what episode that was on.

  9. kcaj45810 says:

    “…And I say colouring do not come down, I say do not! Well, it’s coming down.” BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  10. ForPropertyInvestors says:

    Is this the guy that did the Cabury Milk Chocolate ads years ago in Australia when he put a burning peace of paper in the old milk bottles and then an hard boiled egg on top the bottle. Atmospheric pressure in the bottle draws the egg into the bottle.

  11. MisterLoschi says:

    It is hard to put into words how awesome that actually was.

  12. wowggscrub says:

    i havent had A cigg in 2 years and i now want one more than ever.

  13. mishnmashtv says:

    he reminds me of colombo

  14. kingx989 says:

    one hundred thousand million million,….. hmm one hundred trillion??? Sounds like our budget deficit!

  15. AnimalSociety411 says:

    once I saw this guy I was in love :P

  16. alnakhli999 says:

    This guy is great i like his stile.

  17. alezlesbleus says:

    I believe that true intelligence is being able to talk about complicated stuff and still be able to be understood by everybody.
    Alot of teachers don’t have this.

  18. nitroholic2002 says:

    awesome stuff, this guy sounds like Foster Hewitt with an accent. Oh to work in a TV station during the 80′s.

  19. ImWrongYourRight says:

    wow this guy is awesome!

  20. lovekakashi123 says:

    Thank you so much. This video helped with my prep!!!!!!

  21. keeperofthecheese says:

    nope died in the 80s

  22. 645137758 says:

    is this guy still alive?

  23. snylekkie says:

    Oh please maths are so damn simple even in last high school grade where the heat is sufficiently explained for someone who won’t work in this sector.

  24. Krisspychiken says:

    watching this guys vids are great to understand the theories in lame-mans terms before you dig into the hardcore maths stuff

  25. 123abcinm says:

    his videos have helped me soooooooo much!

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