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Low Cost Heating – Choosing a Low Cost Heating Product

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Low Cost Heating and Insulation

When deciding upon which Low cost Heating  Installation is best for your requirements there are many factors which need to be considered,Low cost heating always requires good insulation,Low cost Heating products will usually take a while to heat a room and if Insulation isnt good the heat loss could easily be higher than the level of heat  your low cost heating product can provide,a prime example of a typical low cost heating product is an electric tube heater or tubular heater,these typically take a while to warm up,usually around 15 mins and will warm the room by convection,ie gently warming the surrounding air, however as you can imagine this does take a few hours and  if the room doesnt happen to have good insulation such as draught excluders fitted to doors or if  it has a draughty single glazed window then a tube heater is going to  struggle to warm the room sufficiently,in this instance though the problem can be easily remedied  by putting  some self adhesive glazing film over the window,certainly for the winter months and fit a draught excluder to the door,this is unlikely to cost more than around £20 to do this but the difference will be very noticeable.

So Whichever  low cost heating product you decide is best for your needs,whether its a tube heater,a panel heater or perhaps even underfloor heating make sure the room insulation is top notch,otherwise your low cost heating device isnt going to be able to work efficiently and you could well find the running costs are going to be much higher than you ever expected as you keep it on 24/7 trying to stay warm.

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