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Low Cost Heating – Which Product works best ?

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Low Cost Heating Products

When you start looking into the low cost heating market you soon discover that actually there arent many low cost heating Products out there,the most popular ow cost heating products being Halogen Heaters and under floor heating systems,the problem with both of these,especially the latter is that they arent that cheap or easy to install in the first place,however,there is another up and coming low cost heating product that is really starting to catch on due to its ease of use,its versatility and its price and this product is called a Tube Heater, the really cool thing about tube heaters is that they are very simple to install and use ,its just a matter of attaching a couple of brackets to the wall or floor and clipping the tube heater to them, a Tube heater simply plugs into a standard wall socket so if you are looking for simplicity it doesnt come much easier than flicking a switch to turn it on or if you prefer,a thermostat can be easily attached to let the tube heater come on at a given temperature,the surface temperature of a tube heater is usually around 105 degrees so these are very safe in operation,its not enough to cause serious burns if touched for a few seconds but is certainly hot enough to warm a room slowly over time.

What really makes Tube Heaters stand out from most of the other Low cost Heating products though is their running costs,a large 4ft tube heater costs around two to three pence an hour to run, literally Pennies ! Add to that the fact that a tube heater can be installed virtually anywhere there is a mains power supply and this makes them one of the best Low cost Heating products currently available,whether you fit one in a bathroom,shed,boat or conservatory,a tube heater will do the job quietly and efficiently,there really isnt any other low cost heating product like it.

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