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Part 3 of 6 HHO Gas Radiant Heating 2010

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17 Responses to “Part 3 of 6 HHO Gas Radiant Heating 2010”
  1. ingesumadre says:

    i sugest that you should store some of that heat on some mass.

  2. Texmurphy51 says:

    @pjckac1 So you make no claim of Free Energy, just showing how the torch works?

  3. pjckac1 says:

    To: @Texmurphy51

    This is the first concept of seeing if it would generate heat along the entire pipe surface. Next up is in this video click on the link here­/vFomjXAt1G8

  4. Texmurphy51 says:

    What does this show other than heating up the inside of a pipe?

  5. willibill1 says:

    just wondering if you go to copper pipe, and put metal fins on the horizontal pipe spaced real close together It would capture more surface air.

  6. casparwatergas says:

    We tried the same central flame injection in a COPPER pipe. Tremendous heat development. What about trying with copper the next time?

  7. dmgcat says:

    What kind of torch tip are you using and flame arrestor? Actually if you care to what type of circuit did you end up using on the electolysis end? Thanks for sharing your video.

  8. vox1philippines says:

    pls make for us a waterheater. thankz….morepower……

  9. hhoWayToGo says:

    the idea is interesting.
    but I’m not so sure, if it’s a good idea to take a galvanized pipe and heat it, because it gives off harmful gases. that’s at least, what they always mention in the geet-videos… I’m not 100% sure, but I remember that someone mentioned this exact problem already. good luck and take care.

  10. llewgnal says:

    Put the flame more on inside wall of pipe, take advantage of the reaction of the flame

  11. eddiefreddie39 says:

    I also like your set up there, I have been following epoch hydrogen for years now. Do you know how many watts your machine is using ? and the power factor?
    Thanks and best of luck.

  12. InventorGadget says:

    aha well ok then, so this might work as the base line to compare other setups on, thats a good idea! This is a very interesting setup, it just might work out! I remember a old Xogen-promotion-video, where they have a similar setup, larger pipe and fan blowing hot air from behind. And in the center, the HHO was blasting a piece of white ceramic! Super-hot :) Thew made a prototype of it, as a space heater.. so absolutely you’re approach is very interesting and i will follow the progress!

  13. pjckac1 says:

    To: insAneTunA
    Re: on the flame arrangement I am planning on different configurations on getting the most out of the HHO flame in different configurations in the future. This is the first attempt I have done on video that you have seen sharing the experiment. I am excited about the possibilities that everyone will see from what I have done and someone might take it to the next step that may encourage thousands of us to put an end to fossil fuel consumption. United we change the world.

  14. pjckac1 says:

    To: insAneTunA
    Thank you for your compliment. I am glad that you were making positive comments working as a team like I encourage people to do so that we all benefit from the new technology. Everyone working together sharing ideas and improving and improving we will help this technology come forth as a group. One day when a television crew does a story I would love to say I was working with hundreds and thousands of people through team concept worldwide that we all benefit now from.

  15. pjckac1 says:

    To: InventorGadget
    This was the first experiment running in the center of the pipe to see the response of just HHO flame causing an updraft of air super heated air to the pipes. What you have seen in the video was the first time I seen it because I was doing it for the first time and you were viewing it and sharing the science experiment together as if you were there. I will be taking it to the second step and when I am done the horizontal pipe should reach 600°-800°.

  16. InventorGadget says:

    well ok, but i dont understand why u just burn the flame in free air, not touching anything… That will give u the LOWEST temp! So u should make the flame heat a metal object INSIDE the pipe, so the flame goes up to its melting point! REALLY HOT :) Try to make the flame touch the pipe and take a exhaust heat measurement VS your setup!

  17. insAneTunA says:

    I like your setup, and I think it is the nicest hho flame I have seen so far. I was wondering if the pipe would get hotter if you would shift the the flame a bit. So that the flame touches the inner pipe as much as possible and as far up as possible. Not sure if the pipe would melt though. I did a little experiment once with a tiny flame and a small aluminum pipe and it got over 200 degrees Celsius, I was surprised by the amount of heat that came of from a one inch flame. 5*

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