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Solar Coil – Fitting a Solar Immersion Coil to your existing water cylinder will save you £££

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What is a solar immersion coil ?


solar immersion coil A Solar Coil or a Solar Immersion coil as it is sometimes  better known is a reasonably new development in the solar  thermal Industry,a solar coil can be fairly easily fitted to your existing standard water cylinder in place of the existing top mounted immersion element enabling it to be used with a solar water heating panel without the need to replace the original old water cylinder witha new expensive twin coil cylinder,the majority of solar coils or solar immersion coils are made from 8mm to 10mm copper tubing and are generally anywhere from 300mm – 1000mm in length,a large amount of tightly wound copper tubing is used in their construction which gives a good efficient heat transfer from the fluid (water/glycol) travelling through the closed system (basically the solar coil acts as a heat exchanger) hot fluid enters the solar coil and this heat is transferred through the solar coil to the water in the cylinder,the fluid is then pumped back up from the solar coil to the panel for reheating and the cycle continues.

The cost of a Solar immersion coil is a fraction of the cost of a new twin coil water cylinder,the vast majoritycost between £50 and £100,a solar coil is also much easier to fit and will make a full solar water heater installation much less time consuming,however,in the past the downside has always been that the water can only be heated by solar as you no longer have the option of turning on an immersion heater if you need to, this can be a big problem during the winter months if you happen to live in a cold climate, especially if you need hot water late at night,however there is now a solution to this problem as some solar coil manufacturers are now incorporating an immersion heater into the solar coil so you can have both for not much more cost, with this latest development fitting a solar immersion coil to your existing water cylinder is now a much more interesting proposition

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