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Solar Heating System – DIY Solar Heating Systems

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Solar Heating- Most complete DIY solar heating systems. solar heating kits for solar hot water and solar space heating including solar home heating and solar hydronic heating. Also featuring solar pool heating and solar hot tubs. No Plumbing or Electrical required! Installs in under a day! 1 800 917 9054
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14 Responses to “Solar Heating System – DIY Solar Heating Systems”
  1. remember25october says:

    Can I repair this system myself? I want to be able to survive zombie apocalypse.

  2. 1BustedMyth says:

    I really like the quick connect line rated to 300 oC
    Nice product

  3. 1BustedMyth says:

    @MB031, I hear your frustration, I worked for a short time in PV sales and there was a great deal of greed. All solar should be 1/4 the price of what we are paying.
    My advice, do it yourself, all items are available in parts now. Evacuated tubes work well and are about $30 a foot. Just the other day I saw a full system for under $1000 that rarely needs boosting.
    For those that have money, then this premium product is ideal

  4. MB031 says:

    Well how much? Solar heat is great but why it has to be unaffordable..I guess $10.000 or more installed.So what is the point? Renewable enrgy or greed for business..

  5. eddiemcintire says:

    This person should have memorized his line before doing the comercial.He was not addressing the target,he was yacking at the camera.Just a point to ponder,APPPEAL TO YOUR CUSTOMERS! The camera does not care one way or the other. Otherwise….very good video.

  6. Jebus495 says:

    @thegenrl he said 2million and he meant that particular thermal controller thing not the entire unit.

  7. thegenrl says:

    did he say 2 billion installations world wide?

  8. solarwaterpower says:

    Great way to heat with solar.

  9. kreativedecors says:

    This is one of good video which shows how solar works

    Please promote the renewal energy or future energy

    Quipid Solar Water Heater Faridabad

  10. novachevyguy says:

    “Pro – Jects” ROFL LMAO

  11. inof8or says:

    why do you need a heat exchanger if you using water instead of antifreeze?

  12. solarpanels3 says:

    I was killing myself wit sunrain collectors. The frame and their sliding the screw into
    the aluminium frame was a real pain.

  13. solarpanels3 says:

    first heat up a tank to desired temp. then the pool. 2 pumps are needed and a controller that can switch the pumps.
    Winter time you dont heat the pool and you can direct the glycol to fancoil in a duct.
    syncronizing the pump with the furnace fan is good idea

  14. tobyminti says:

    Before you purchase a Sunrain tube collector check out the copper header inside.
    From 12 years experiance in the UK since I began to import and sell Sunda tubes which often failed due to metal to glass seals, the next tube type to fail was that of a tube which had the end plugged like sunrain and 90% of Chinese made collectors

    From this experiance I designed and developed my own brand that worked without the need of any freeze protection and no failed tubes to date after 4 years on my roof

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