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Specific Heat, Heat of Fusion and Vaporization

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Specifict heat and phase changes: Calculating how much heat is needed to convert 200g of ice at -10C to 110 degree steam.
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24 Responses to “Specific Heat, Heat of Fusion and Vaporization”
  1. ledzeppelinrawks says:

    Oh my goodness I understand O.O

  2. vvoops says:

    @Sushiarushi AP chemistry? Im learning this stuff in honors chemistry, does that mean AP is going to be a piece of pie?

  3. 0M3D1U6 says:

    at about 3 minutes the narrator says “Fusion 100 o water” which is wrong. Heat of fusion is occurring at 0 oC

  4. SXSA51 says:

    WOW, the way my teacher explained it was no where near as comprehendible as this.

  5. RAYz544 says:

    THNX internet is the best tutor of the world :P

  6. jjjooorrrjjjooorrr says:

    Do you know everything!!!?? THANK YOU!!!!!!

  7. BorealNeal says:

    this is hard :(

  8. PaulRyan2k says:

    @Sushiarushi That’s weird, because in my course it’s in my Physics, not my Chemistry book. Oh well :P

  9. Sushiarushi says:

    @PaulRyan2k no its chemistry, it deals with the change in the specific heat of elements. We’re learning about it now in AP chemistry.

  10. PaulRyan2k says:

    Wouldn’t this be classed as Physics, not Chemistry?

  11. jityr2 says:

    At the beginning he says “A couple of videagoes”. That’s cute.

  12. surdana says:

    Why does the anion have no affect on the color of a flame in the flame test?

  13. codutic says:

    He mad a mistake about 8 minutes into the video. He multiply 335.55J by 200 g when it should be 333.55J by 200. So his told answer is off by 400J

  14. WerewolfSlayer91 says:

    Man this guy has MASTER degree in EVERY F***** subject, with technical education.

  15. 530BigBen says:

    boring..make it more interesting yo

  16. JunkYardBuild says:

    A 7:25 you put in a value for Hf of 335.55 when it should be 333.55, not that it makes that big a difference but it should be fixed ;)

  17. MattS6993 says:

    @1aliceinchains I’m doing the course this year :)

  18. DeltaCJ says:

    it finally makes sense!  thank youuuuuu sir!

  19. falls0ft says:

    @Maishir Yes, the Celsius and the Kelvin scale are essentially the same, except 0K is -273.15*C so the kelvin scale starts at a lower point but the amount of heat you need to add to increase by 1*C or 1K is the same – (or for liquid water, 4J)

    inb4 confusing

  20. FourEyedLadyOriginal says:

    Well done!

  21. AhWing89 says:

    thanks for the info.

  22. Ibahz says:

    @Billabong024 yes he screwed up

  23. slutiva says:

    see 00 to 00 ;28

  24. Hemouth says:

    easiest video so far.

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