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Tube Heater – How to warm a room cheaply !

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Warm a Room Cheaply With A Tube Heater

Using a Tube Heater is a great way to warm a room and the really neat thing about using a Tube Heater  is the incredibly low running cost,unbelievably a Tube Heater can cost from as little as less than a penny per hour to run for a 1ft tube heater and this of course offers a  substantial saving on  standard Gas central heating or storage heaters,a tube heater will reach its standard operating temperature (for most this is around 105c) after being left on for around 10 mins and will over time warm the air in a room.

Of course its Necessary to get the correct size tube heater for the size of room you wish to warm, for a tiny room size like a small toilet you should find a 1ft tube heater will suffice but this of course will not warm a larger room such as a double bedroom very much at all,for this you really need to use a larger 3ft or 4ft tube heater or if its a large corner Bedroom which gets exceptionally cold then a couple of 4ft tube heaters would be best,these will be slightly more expensive to run than a 1ft tube heater but you should find that even for a 4ft tube heater the running cost is only likely to be 2 to 3 pence an hour so still much cheaper than any other form of heating,even though tube  heaters do require being left on for longer periods as they require convection to dissipate the heat produced throughout the room,the running costs will almost certainly still be a lot less than the alternative methods of warming a room,installation is simple,for most tube heaters its simply a matter of plugging one into a standard wall socket and switching it on,they all  come with brackets so can either be left free standing if you would like to move them around or they can of course be wall mounted,a tube heater is best mounted at  skirting board level as this will allow the warmth to dissipate much better throughout the room and they can also be plugged in to a standard timer switch to come on automatically whenever required.

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