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Tube Heaters – How Much Do They Cost To Run ?

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Tube Heater Running Costs

How much does a Tube Heater actually cost to run,well,to start with,a Tube Heater works by  passing an electrical current through thin high tensile wire thats tightly wound round a metal fin,this fin then gets very hot and passes the heat to the tube heaters outer tube where through convection it warms the air in the room,the tube heater uses specialist electronics to do this to keep the current low but still let the wire get extremely hot to keep the running costs low,all tube heaters vary in their running costs but at current rates generally a 1ft tube heater will cost less than 1p per hr to run,a 2ft tube heater will cost less than 2p per hr to run,a 3ft tube heater will cost less than 3p per hr to run and a 4ft tube heater will cost less than 4p per hr to run,whilst the Room isnt likely to get as hot as it would if you used a fan heater or Gas Central Heating it will certainly raise it to a more Ambient temperature in the Right Conditions (good insulation is a must).

Compared to other forms of heating such as fan heaters or gas central heating it is clear to see that tube heater running costs are extremely low,in fact you could leave a 2ft tube heater on all day long and it isnt likely to cost more than around 50 pence,this makes a tube heater an ideal low cost heating product for warming a room.

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