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Zurn Radiant Heating Systems

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Zurn Radiant Heating is more than a heating system. Zurn Radiant Heating is different – it’s comfortable, clean, quiet and efficient. An established concept in Europe, radiant heating systems are growing in popularity in the United States and around the world. Radiant floor heating provides even temperature distribution by circulating warm water through tubing embedded in the floor of a home or commercial building. By controlling the flow of water in the tubing, Zurn Radiant Heating provides an efficient, long lasting and safe way to heat a home.
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10 Responses to “Zurn Radiant Heating Systems”
  1. 23Plumbum says:

    You should spend more money and time on the Videos quality.

  2. 1971SuperLead says:

    What is the life span on the PEX?
    I’d like to know how often I need to rip the foundation out of my house to replace this stuff.

  3. nickolas2009 says:

    -voltage: constant electric current — 12v, alternating current — 220v
    -the model is — multifunctional, needs minimal service costs, simple in operating
    -power consumption: alternating current — 0,05 — 0,35 kWt/hour, constant current -0,05 — 0,1 kWt/hour
    time of heating S =20 sq.m per 2 hour
    -high economic effects
    -maximum level of heating with minimum power consumption

  4. knik02 says:

    this the type of heating we have in Alaska and we love it

  5. domyaska says:


  6. Epicx1984 says:

    The video must have been poorly converted from a different format.

  7. rynoskin says:

    i just spent the whole video looking at your legs. now i gotta watch again to hear what you actually said lol

  8. markhinr says:

    You have a very informative video but the poor audio quality and low resolution will cause many viewers to tune out.

  9. diegojen says:

    This video clearly shows the benefits of radiant heating systems compared to conventional HVAC systems. ZURN is a great company but the general benefits can be applied to any radiant system.

  10. gtJONgeo says:

    Please feel free to see “ARKANSAS SIMPLE” (patented 1980, now up) “How to heat hot water” SIMULTANEOUSLY in and out of Cooling or goes back to Heat mode in ~2 hours if space heat calls. And HYDRONIC 4th function is in (view?) for radiators and in-floor. 1-800-382-3113 over 30 years !
    4Synergy ™ is also having 4th Priority Radiant Heat for floors~~~~~~ NEW (2nd is 4.1/2 min) VID at gtJONgeo

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